Saturday, December 31, 2011

 My very first craft project
I used what I had. A wine box, which I first painted white, then basically hot glued flowers and ribbon to the top from "my stash". At that point I hadn't even thought to investigate the craft stores. I just had hoarded a bunch of stuff from yard sales and decided I was going to make a few things. I had watched a few videos on Youtube and this is what I came up with. I also screwed in some hardware and attached pink pearls for a "handle", which in retrospect was not too smart but it turned out to be surprisingly sturdy. By the way that pink ribbon you see laying on top got glued down after the picture was taken.

     On the outside bottom of the box I hotglued some very pretty pink lace that went all the way around the box  and then above that on the lid some white lace that went all the way around the box, then above that Gold ribbon. This was wire Christmas ribbon which I just cut off the gold edge of.                                                          

     On the inside is where I really got creative. I was thinking along the lines of shadow boxes, and not thinking the box should be usefull. So I made into more of a work of art than a usefull item. (?!) 
     So on the lid I glued a knitted glove added rings to it and a "bouquet" of small flowers. Here you see my poem partially spelled out the poem " A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart" Unfortunately I never got a shot of the the finished product.  Also I added a retro picture of a lady sitting on a rock (to signify my friend waiting for me?) and added some bling and flowers and a fancy cord around the edge ect.

The bottom of the box is quite busy. LOL. Having no special tools I did it all by hand. I did have some special "papers" which I cut scalloped edges out of and glued on as borders. I made some tiny curtains, and a tiny table.

Incidentaly I got OCD a made a drawer in the table that actually opened and closed and you could put things in. The little pearl loops hung IN FRONT (and they actually did but I didn't have sense enough to fix them for the picture) The chair is totally out of proportion for the table. HA! Oh, and there is a tiny little wrapped present sitting on the chair. The whole kitchen scene contained a heart inside the curtain which fulfilled the "heart" part of the poem. HA! ("A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart") In the kitchen evidently. Near a curtain. And why are there like 20 different papers in the kitchen? Woah!

SOOO That was my first project. No tools. No measuring. No straight lines. No nothin. Not that it doesn't show. I wonder what it would look like if I tried it again today. Or maybe I'm smart enough not to attemp it!

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