Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bird House with No Way In

Time for some new stuff!! I have been busy! Birthday Busy! I love to make things for my friends because they do not craft so they think I am AMAZING hehehe!! Well, except one does craft and she is hard to impress...but I love her anyway...hello Rose!! In fact she gives me advice sometimes. How quickly I digress and I've barely just begun. Where was I? 
NEW stuff!!
 This first item is a Bird House.  Anyway I smothered it with flowers as you can see. I had so much fun making this.

It is an INDOOR Bird House...decorative only...since there is no way IN!!! LOL!! I bought it that way. Strange no??

 And it was very easy to decorate since it had a "handle" on the bottom to turn it all different directions.

 On one side is an appliqued butterfly.

Around the bottom, a ribbon with hand sewn beads.

  On one side I made a "vine" of flowers going up the wall. 

 On another side I sewed a heart with lace gathered around it.


  1. Hey! What bird won't want to shack up in fancy digs like that! : )

  2. This is beautiful. I really like your vines and flowers growing up the side of it.
    I also like the oval piece you put on the front.
    I want to thank you so much for the sweet message you gave me on my Alice in Wonderland mini album. You put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart with it. Thank you :)