Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here are some of my recent flowers. What do you think? The 1st one is satin. I think I pulled the gather stitch too tight. The 2nd one I made after a trip to the hospital. It is made fom gauze, sprayed with shimmer mist, and just "finger-glittered" around the edges. The 3rd one is made from wire ribbon . I got the tut from
:Florida crofter.  The 4th one is made from old T shirt twisted and hot glued on the bottom. The last one is shabby so you can use lace and tulle and one other fabric even if it frays and tiny pearl strands. Just gather like a bow, attach something thin in the middle strong enough to hold it together. You don't even have to add a middle piece but this button just seemed to go perfect. Too bad you cant even see the tulle. It was too thin.

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