Friday, April 13, 2012

Something For MOI

 I decorated this clock and decided to keep it. Actually I cut and pasted the clock in photoshop. I haven't found a clock to fit it yet. And I need to take a better picture

 Here is a pic of my shelf and some other junk. On the left is a mason jar with glitter scrapbook paper inside. Under the shelf..behind the scarf is a cat nursing her kitten...she likes the privacy.
                           And in the brown jar is a captured butterfly.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sage Green

Sage Green

My next project was to be an exploration of the color Sage green. I will let it go at that and save you all the boring details. Lets just say when you use acrylic sage green paint and cover it with modge podge it doesn't really look sage green but it doesn't look bad. And my other discovery is that I really really like Dark sage green. Like a sage green and moss mixed together. That is a beautifull color. This is me digressing again. Get used to it. My project is a lovely box..somewhat shaped like a trunck..a trunk. I gave it to my friend Sara. She goes ape over my crafts. hehehe!!! I love making stuff for her! Do you have a friend like that?  I spent a lot of time on this. When you know people appreciate it you are extra extra careful with it.

Bird House with No Way In

Time for some new stuff!! I have been busy! Birthday Busy! I love to make things for my friends because they do not craft so they think I am AMAZING hehehe!! Well, except one does craft and she is hard to impress...but I love her anyway...hello Rose!! In fact she gives me advice sometimes. How quickly I digress and I've barely just begun. Where was I? 
NEW stuff!!
 This first item is a Bird House.  Anyway I smothered it with flowers as you can see. I had so much fun making this.

It is an INDOOR Bird House...decorative only...since there is no way IN!!! LOL!! I bought it that way. Strange no??

 And it was very easy to decorate since it had a "handle" on the bottom to turn it all different directions.

 On one side is an appliqued butterfly.

Around the bottom, a ribbon with hand sewn beads.

  On one side I made a "vine" of flowers going up the wall. 

 On another side I sewed a heart with lace gathered around it.